Our Mission

To make a significant contribution to all people of Namibia; women, men, youth, and the differently-abled - by giving everyone an opportunity for personal sustainable development - given the correct life-skills or values, and also an environment where he/she is free to live healthy and responsible.



Our Vision

To be the best soccer development project and a competitive football club that is nondiscriminatory and striving for exemplary young Namibian citizens - with the main purpose being the production of professional footballers for the benefit of the football industry in Namibia and the international region.


Karibib FC Objectives

  • To promote an interest in football among the Town of Karibib.


  • Provide quality football training and skill development program and develop professional football players.


  • To market the Town of Karibib and all the stakeholders/ sponsors of KFC.


  • To compete in football league events and/or inter-club matches.


  • To organise social events.


  • Teach sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability, build character & discipline and love of game.


  • Instill value of sport education and importance of behaving anywhere and everywhere.


  • Instill the spirit of competition in young football players to embrace value of sportsmanship and friendship.


  • Keep football players fully engaged, keeping them away from the bad influences of society.


  • To promote health wellbeing among the youth.


Our Core Values






Partners / Members / Sponsors

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Karibib FC  is a professional football club based in Namibia. The club is registered with NFA (Namibian Football Association - a member of FIFA)

Contact Info


Usab Sports Ground, Karibib PO Box 435, Karibib, Namibia


(+264) 81 295 -5568




Mon - Sat 09:00 - 17:00

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